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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 978 – What’s Next?

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Monday Topic: Credibility —

Quote: “How to find clarity in the absence of certainty.”


Your tribe needs you now more than ever.  Over the past couple weeks I’ve highlighted ways to pivot and serve your customers.

Well guess what… we are here again.

The reason I mention this is because I was going through my social feed.  And I scrolled across a very nice chart from the state of Illinois. 

Now… I’m in Minnesota so it’s not valuable to me, except it teaches a valuable lesson.



I wish we had a schedule like this in Minnesota.  We are just bumbling along… wondering when the heck our future holds.  But look… in Illinois they know that bars can start to open May 24 or that They can get their hair cut on May 10…

What a gift to their tribe (the people of Illinois) that they have certainty.

How can you learn from this…. are you in a position where your customers are like “what the heck is going on?” – even if you know nothing… just give them that answer.

Last week I called and actually got angry at our Accountants. They are refusing to come on site and perform some services.  Instead, they want to use Zoom to virtually access our computer.

That’s not going to happen because guess what, someone sitting in their living room using their wifi is NOT secure.  OH, she tried to tell me some nonsense of accessing the same system they have in the office.  The only problem is getting to that connection.  The same computer that their kids are playing with does not inspire confidence.

Then I mentioned it’s time to give me an answer of when you are coming for a site visit… and they said “well, it’s just not safe” — OK cut the crap.  If everyone in their office has been in their house for the last 50 days… fine.  But there’s no way, absolutely no way, that if someone goes to the store that they can not do on site visits.

We can have a philosophical discussion about this matter… but you know what would really help?

A chart like the state of Illinois!  If their accounting firm said that every person had X wifi and it’s as secure as their home OR that no one has left their home and they’re sitting in bubble wrap in a room that is locked and zero people have access and they are bonded an insured. This would give confidence.

But instead, my vision, after scrolling on Facebook and seeing all the “shelter in’s” eating Cheetoes that are flowing down a treadmill as they lie on the floor grabbing with just their tongue… OR those filming their kids in various poses replicating photos from 10 years prior… yeah, this is my mind-set of what my accountants are doing.

Likely it’s entirely wrong.

BUT, I don’t know that unless you tell me!

It’s a very small example of how not communicating with your customers can lead to strange perceptions.  Use it as an example.

You are the leader of the tribe… do not take for granted that what you are doing is understood by your followers.  You need to share and tell them and build a bond.

Help your tribe! They need certainty.  It’s easy to do. 

Today, check in with your tribe.  Let them know what you’re up to and give them some certainty.  Think about the Illinois Chart and maybe it would be a clever way to help your tribe understand at a glance “what’s next”!



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