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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 835 – When Does a Thank You Build Credibility?

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Monday: Subject Matter Expert

Quote: “Appreciation is the key to joy.”

How do you say, “thank you”?  OR How have you received a Thank You?

These are two very important questions.  Especially when it comes to credibility!

One of the 5C’s is credibility — it’s the ability to show social proof or endorsement from an outside source.  And this could be from education – both formal, and seminar, it can also come from certifications, reviews, and even the thumbs up you receive from a post you create.

But what about from a Thank You?

When you host an event, do you send a thank you?  Or even better if you receive a Thank You, have you ever thought of framing the letter?

The most common example of this is, and I just saw it last week in the hospital, is a corkboard with thank you notes pinned to it.

What that does is shows how many people appreciate your service enough to send the thanks… it also shows people USING your service that they too can have their thank you not pinned with the rest!

But what about  a certificate?

In the summer we host an event called National Marina Day and we have volunteers from the local law enforcement and civic groups — as a thank you, it could be a great idea to create a certificate and send it framed — anything framed goes on a wall…

Here’s a great example.  And it’s a VERY special Thank You.

My husband worked at the World Boy Scout Jambouree last Summer.  And recently received this framed art work of the limited edition patch to recognize the event as workers.

When you hang this in your office you automatically build credibility because people will ask about it or read the plate at the bottom.   If your customers are interested in the same type of volunteer or civic group, in this case, The Boy Scouts, then you have built an immediate bond… great for tribe building!

It’s a wonderful example of how to thank people AND how to use a thanks as credibility!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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