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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 811 – Give Your Customers Your Passion

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Quote: “Passion first everything else will fall in place”

Monday: Creditiblity


What should I sell?  What is it that’s going to make money… quick?

Have you ever said those two things?  Oh yeah… and if you haven’t uttered them out loud my bet is that you’ve said them in your head.

And it does work – let’s say if a holiday is coming up… you know that you’ll have traffic, whether it’s foot traffic or traffic to your website, it makes total sense to offer a product for this anticipated group visiting.

But what about sustained growth and sales?  Product or services to allow sustained or even stable growth is where you should focus your energy.

BUT – it’s not super easy to think long term… you have a business… you’re running it on a daily basis… now throw into the mix a long term focus.  That can drive you crazy. But one way to combat the craziness is to focus on your passion.

This is the ultimate for tribe building.

When you attract a group of people that has a common passion- the products follow!  But you need to provide information that they desire.

For example, at the marina we choose to focus on reasons to use your boat versus oil and filter changes… No one wants to hear about an oil and filter change… but they do want to hear about festivals and parties around the lake that they can boat to.

This makes a big marketing difference.

When your passion matches complements your expertise the rest really does fall into place.  SO, if you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out what to posts.

Take a step back.

Look at your customers and ask what is the passion or drive for using your product and service… why the heck have the found you — then answer that need with the passion you have for your business.

Again, we tell our customers all about restaurants… it has nothing to do with what we sell, and yet… our tribe is very engaged in buying stuff from us.

Give your customers your passion… the rest really does fall in place.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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