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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 804 – The Most Important Person In the Room Is?

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Quote: “Never underestimate yourself.”

Monday: Credibility


Do you ever find yourself “underselling” your abilities?  I think it’s pretty common to do this…

Although you may be more comfortable as an entrepreneur discussing one-on-one with a human in front of you.  After all, they sought you out and are standing right there, and you want the sale -so naturally you are able to discuss your strengths.

You’re not Eeyore

Why is it difficult to do this online?  It’s seriously hard to make a post where you declare yourself the authority on “subject A” – right???

It has to do with the overwhelming urge to compare yourself to others.  Seriously.  When we’re online and it’s a wide open audience, not that comfortable “one on one” conversation you have in person…

With the one-on-one you get immediate feedback from conversation and body language – you gain more confidence.  One trick is to talk to “one person” – you need to focus your online talk or writing to, just one person.

The best person is your Avatar, that ideal customer you are working to attract.  Focus your message to communicate with one person.

I can’t remember which TV show I was watching, but they were discussing how to “open the show” – and the new host said, “hello everybody” and the critique was, “just say hello” no one, when sitting alone in their living room, wants to feel a part of a crowd.  They want to feel unique.

USE THIS when crafting your message.

When creating a video, talk to ONE person.  Just one-on-one.

When writing, talk to ONE person.  Just one-on-one.

If you wrap your head around the ONE person concept – you can easily and confidently be the expert for that one person, just like you are in person!  Don’t freak out from the masses you can’t see.  Just imagine the one person that is most important and see them.

See the most important person in your audience and be the expert for them!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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