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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 750 – Ask Questions

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Quote:  “Even the Genius asks Questions”

Monday: Credibility


Do you know everything?  It’s a safe bet that the answer to that question is, “nope.”

So what does today’s quote mean?

It means ask questions… just because you are positioning yourself as the expert in your field does not mean that you will be “all knowing” and in fact you should continue to learn and explore on a daily basis.

Look no further than the evolution of home video.  Let’s say you were an expert at creating home movies in the 1970’s… is your knowledge applicable today?  yes and no.  You may be able to tell a story using a video/movie format.

However, the actual “thing” you use to create the end product is much different.

It’s no longer film, it’s no longer video, but it’s digital.  This is important because if you had a business in the 1970s for selling movie film along with your knowledge of how to use it to create memories… you’d find yourself out of business.


That essential knowledge of creating the memory is still marketable.

It’s not unlike the knowledge you have for selling your products. You know how to sell in terms of the features and benefits of the product… that has not changed.  Assessing what people need and how your product fulfills that need is the cornerstone of selling.

What has changed is the “how” to sell it.  However, the good news is that there’s an “old school” counterpart to the new school selling.  Radio is now Podcasts, Direct Mail is now email, Newspapers are now Facebook, and it goes on and on.

Your message stays the same (just like the old home movie films) but the “HOW” has been updated to digital.

The expertise and knowledge you have for selling is still relevant – you just need to ask questions and gain a new set of tools to deliver the message.


Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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