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TribeologyBlog.com. – Episode 744 – Read to Be a Better Leader

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Quote: “Sticking to your comfort zone can rob you of valuable opportunities for growth”

Monday: Credibility


I’ve heard a statistic that, one third of high school graduates never read another book after high school graduation…  ever.

If you live to age 50 that’s roughly 30 years without reading a book… if you live to 80… that’s 60 years of never ever reading another book again.

This is bewildering to me.

I never was a reader growing up.  I grew up under the traditional school system of reading meant actually sitting down and cover to cover, no exceptions, read.  Hated it.

If I read now, it’s a rapid consumption.  Normally a paper book and it involves a plane or stationary bike.

Then I found audio books and my world changed.  I would rather listen to a book while driving… working out… anything.  This allows me to transform “unused” time into productive time.

I’m not a fuzzy blanket, curl up in my window sill seat, rain tapping on the panes, warm glass of cocoa, cat purring next to me, kind of reader.


I’m the listen in 10 minute increments on the way to work, the store, the bank….

The result is similar.  I think more. I learn more.  And this helps me do more.  I’m able to get thoughts, tactics, and knowledge that helps me help customers.  It builds the credibility needed to stay at the top of my game.

The credibility component of the Infinity Marketing Machine is just as important as the content component.

Here’s why.

I can go through the internet and find articles on topics… whether it’s fighting a fire, performing brain surgery, or creating a fresh fish recipe.  I could share these articles, paraphrase and create posts, too.

But I’d have zero credibility.

In your area, your zone, your business you are doing.  You are actively learning and growing.  The daily “grind” is giving you knowledge to help customers in the here and now.

When you add some external knowledge such as a book or trade journal you are pushing forward to new customers.  You are getting out of your comfort zone and investing in yourself and gain new tools to be a better leader for your tribe.



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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