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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 726 – I’ve Been Doing This for…

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Quote: Escape the ordinary

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my crew members.  We were talking about how “young” people simply cannot carry on conversations… especially on the phone.

It’s ironic because “back in my day” it was important, or a rite of passage, to talk on the phone for hours at a time.  Now a days “kids” don’t have verbal conversations… They often look at you or they have rude/abrupt answers.

So, what does this have to do with our Monday post about “Subject Matter Expert”?

Well, when I started the conversation, I said, “I’ve been supervising this age group for 25 years and… blah blah blah”

I heard myself saying this while I spoke.  And I giggled on the inside.

The principles of “Subject Matter Expert” are everywhere!  Just start looking for them (or listening to yourself)

When you realize that you have your very own “I’ve been doing this for 25 years” moment, you’ll understand that a certain level of credibility comes from experience.

You possibly say these things on a daily basis… experience is a natural hand-in-hand part of Subject Matter Expertise.

If you’re stuck and trying to decide “how” to position yourself as a subject matter expert and emphasize your expertise on your website or “about me” portion of any social media page… just think of how you introduce yourself in real life!  The times you say, “I’ve been using this, selling this, supervising this, for 10 years” – that’s a good starting point for discovering what to write about your expertise!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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