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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 713 – Start Sharing Your Expertise

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Quote: “Having the expertise and putting it to use are two different things.”

Monday: Subject Matter Expert


I read today’s quote and came up with two different thoughts… the reasons you don’t put your expertise to use are…  1) analysis paralysis and 2) not sharing your gifts.

Both are bad alternatives…

So let’s start at the beginning with tribe building.

When you make the decision to build a tribe instead of attracting customers you transform your business from “one and done” to Infinity.


Because the tribe wants to stay with you.  They do not want to leave.  Therefore, you find things they want to buy and offer it to them.  The way you do this is through email.  It may seem overwhelming and that’s when you get stuck.  But, guess what…

This concept is easy and honestly, it takes effort, but it is not hard.

However… it does take time and a willingness to care.

You must care about what people want to learn, see, consume, and receive from you.  because this is the content you will share.  As the leader of your tribe, the more they view you as the expert, the better they will receive the information you send.

Therefore, you need to be willing to share your expertise.  Whether it’s a blog, vlog, podcast – just do something to share your knowledge.  Keeping the information to yourself is “safe” but sharing with someone else grows YOU.

Now…. back to the quote.

“Having the expertise and putting it to use are two different things.”

You are reading my blog because you’re looking for a better way to market to your customers… well, you have the expertise to own a business, so why not share it with your customers and convert them into a tribe?  Therefore, put your information to use and start sharing!



Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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