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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode #579 – Are You an Underwear Expert?

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Quote:  “Even the Genius asks Questions.”

Monday – Subject Matter Expert

Just because you wear underwear does not make you an underwear expert!  Remember this.

Now… why on earth is this my lead?  Because, I was reading a request in an online group about “how do I improve my traffic to my site?”

Backstory… the site was a lingerie site.  Now, the owner of the site was perplexed that “to date” there have been zero sales.  I went to look at it and the site is nice, actually really nice… it looked like many other sites out there.

And that’s the problem.  Most retail sites look like every other site.  There is nothing too spectacular about them.  And with traditional marketing… you’ve got a couple P’s to be aware of… four actually.  They are Price, Place, Product, and Promotion.

SO where does this leave us and the underwear site… well, if it looks like every other site it doesn’t do any of the 4 P’s with excitement.

That’s why Tribeology is critical to “new marketing” – you must be able to cultivate your own customers and transform them into a tribe.  This tribe will have loyalty and buy from YOU… the reason they buy from you is the reason we have a “Monday “C” Character” topic!

If you are selling underwear, you must be an expert at underwear!  You will build a niche among a tribe of underwear loving customers.  You’ll understand fit, fashion, fabric, function, and fun!  You’ll create who your ideal customer is and attract them with your knowledge via a blog, vlog, or podcast.  This really works.

It’s hard to explain to someone that you need to attract traffic in order to build a tribe and yet at the same time the problem is they can’t attract traffic… it’s much like our dreaded “which came first, the chicken or the egg” scenario.

But as you are building and living the 5 C’s… The critical piece you will control is you!  You can continue to educate yourself and share your knowledge AND position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert that customers are attracted to.

So when you find yourself asking the question,  “how do I get more people to buy things from my site?”  Answer that question, by asking this question… “would I actually buy something from my site?”

Be Honest.

Do you want to do a financial transaction or a friendship transaction?

Remember, people want to do business with people, not businesses.  So make sure your expertise is shared on the site and that you personalize the experience for your visitors.




Tomorrow… come back for my episode “Content & Consistency”!

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