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Episode #405 – The Best Way to Spend 5 Extra Minutes Is…

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“Read more, learn more, invest in yourself.”

In 5th Grade I remember being over at my friend Casey’s house.  Her little sister just got in trouble with her mom… the reason.  She was reading!


If my mom caught me reading a book she’d probably have thrown me a party.  You see… growing up I HATED reading.  Nothing would cause me to shutter in fear like the dreated book report.  In fact, I used the “same” book report for 6 years in a row. You guessed it.  Grades six to eleven.  HA! I finally got the “you really should be challenging yourself with a new book”

Then of course, there was the dreaded “read for enjoyment” statement.  Nothing could be further from the truth for me.

Well… you know what happened?  I found audio books.  I’m better at reading, but my time to actually devote to the silent concentration of a cover to cover read is slim… but I can listen to books in my car!  I average two books a month now.

I get the critics out there that would say “it’s not reading” – but you know what… it is!  When you find the topic you want to learn and the resource on audio, OMG – pop it in your car and you’re set!

Sure it’s more “fun” to listen to music… but is it?  I mean when you can spend a good hour a day learning a new skill or listen to a great story… it’s totally worth it!  It will often help you strengthen your Subject Matter Expert knowledge.

My latest topic has been a marketing style I was very unfamiliar with… but now that we’ve (for the most part) gotten through our really busy spring, I will have time to implement what I’ve learned. Guarantee I’ll be reporting it here… but I’ve got to say… I now read for enjoyment AND I’ll be careful what I wish for… but writing a book report would be pretty easy now!

All I’m saying is that the ability to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert really helps you create an Infinity Marketing Machine.  It gives you credibility.  The one great way to do this is through education… and that’s not just “formal” learning but also reading trade articles and books!  When you don’t have time… load an audio book on your smart phone, I mean we all ALWAYS have our phone with us, the next time you have a five minute break, you’ll have a book to enjoy!

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1- Read Something!  If you don’t have time… find a love for audio books!
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