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Episode #399 – How Do You Create a World Wide Hometown?

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Have you ever wondered why you are in business… it might be to sell things, or make money, or provide a service… but ultimately you are there to provide leadership.


Leadership comes in a variety of ways, but ultimately you provide it when you cause a response in others.  That’s why your ability to position yourself as a subject matter expert becomes critical to success.

Here’s the deal.  You can open a business and be successful in your own hometown area.  Let’s say you provide a golf shop.  The local residents know you from your amazing high school career that earned you a college scholarship.  They come to your store and learn from you.

Well… this is positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert.  It’s just that this type of positioning relys on the memories of your clients.  However… if you chose to broaden your presence online and sell your golf knowledge, whether in an info product or actual golf items, you need to carefully list your honors, awards, and history.

It’s not any more complicated than listing this information on your “about me” page or your Linked In or even Facebook account – you need to share this information to help you become an expert, role model and LEADER in the eyes of your followers.

Think of it like creating a “world wide… hometown”.


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Action Steps

1- Decide you’re a leader by sharing on your social media pages your interesting background.  Activities, honors, awards… history!  Share!
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