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Episode #326 – “Toot Toot” – Make Some Noise About Yourself.

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“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will follow.” Oprah Winfrey

If you have trouble “tooting” your own horn, think about today’s inspiration.  When you demonstrate yourself as significant you will achieve significance.  It’s a nice way of opening a backdoor to credibility.

When the idea of creating a plan to promote yourself as a subject matter expert is introduced, a common response is a general squirming in your seat.  Immediately a list of “not good enoughs” comes to light.  The “there’s someone better than me” excuses are checked off.

But if you start to document how you show leadership within your business or industry you may be more at comfort crafting your message. It’s much easier to show how you can provide guidance than expertise.

When you frame your messaging in the manner of being helpful, your chances of creating a blog or “about me” page some how seems easier.

The result is the same. The information that supports your “corner of the web” is such that when a prospective customer finds it they develop comfort in knowing your a real person that has credibility.

Credibility is formed best from 3rd party endorsements, whether it’s articles written about your business or awards and certifications received.  However, you can also take control by creating a blog and sharing your information!

Now… I just said information.  If the word “expertise” freaks you out, look to the word information to provide significance.  As you provide significance to your audience they will look to you as an expert.  I’d like you to consider yourself as an expert, but until that comfort level arrives, let’s stick to significance.

Now it’s just a matter of starting with your Linked In account… take a look and see if you can enhance your profile and “toot toot” make some noise about yourself!


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Action Steps
1- Look at your Linked In profile with “fresh eyes” – take the time to enhance your awards, education, and experience.  Come at it from a mindset of being a leader or providing significance to your followers, that may be easier than the word expert.
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