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Episode #320 – Mouse Trap Mania!

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“If you desire to build a better mousetrap, you should know something about mousetraps.” Randal Curry

Can you build a better mousetrap?  Probably not.   But can you speak about your business better than anyone else?  Yes.

Your customers have a great and possibly better understanding of using your product. But, you and you alone are the expert of your business.  As you go up the pyramid you might lose a little confidence, but right at the base you are the number one expert.

Here’s what I mean.  You may run a retail store that sells widgets.  You understand what your customers want, you understand your vendors, you understand your products.  If you moved to another state and started another widget store you would need to learn the local market, but the product knowledge you have would remain constant.  If you move up the ladder and buy a widget manufacturing plant to supply your widget store you have an entirely new learning curve.

Your store is your mousetrap. This means you are the expert of your business!  You have customers and they come to you as an expert.

Here’s the way to make your mousetrap better… share your knowledge!  You can build a better mousetrap simply by starting a blog, vlog, or podcast and owning your corner of the web!  All you have to do is start sharing.

A few things happen when you share your knowledge. First, your information becomes searchable.  Second, you develop social proof. Third, you become an expert!  It’s kind of crazy how much people will pay lots of money for online advertising and neglect the ability to grow traffic for free.


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