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Episode #296 – You Need to Package Your Knowledge… Here’s Why.

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“Success isn’t about the end result, it’s about what you learn along the way.” – Vera Wang

Happy Monday!  Subject Matter Expert Topic Day.

So what is a Subject Matter Expert?  I like to say, a Subject Matter Expert is Everything You need to know about being a Subject Matter Expert you learned IN A HS Clique” or INAHSC – in other words, “Influencer, Network, Ambassador, Honors, Study and Credentials”.

What does this mean?

Well, in regards to our inspiration for today – you are a Subject Matter Expert because of what you’ve learned along the way, not because you are a “success” – rather, you are a success because you share what you know.

This is why it’s important to utilize the knowledge you have, all the education, experience, and recognition you’ve received to craft it into a message that followers find useful.

Therefore, positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert is like baking a cake – you have all sorts of ingredients mixed together!  But putting it in the oven is the important part.  You take all of your ingredients i.e., education, credentials, awards, and experience – mix them together – then put it in some sort of oven, meaning a blog, podcast, or vlog!  Your audience gets to enjoy the outcome!

That means you decide how much “subject matter expertise” you have… really, you do!  The reason I say this is… you can have 100% experience, like 50 years experience… including formal education, ongoing continuing education, and awards, BUT you don’t share your gift with the public, you may have subject matter expertise, with zero subject matter status.

I’m a big believer in the new information society and that if you do not position yourself online with a legacy – you are doing yourself a disservice.  think about all that you do, right now… all of your knowledge and experience you have acquired over the past month.  Would ANYONE else find it useful?  Now, add in the last 12 months… you have so much to document and share… AND if you switch jobs, sell your business, or in other words, change your money making endeavor, if you have built a Subject Matter Status independent of the way you earn money, you get to take that with you to jump start the next phase of life.

This is so important. People hesitate because it’s new.  They don’t understand why this is very important or the understand it’s important but just don’t start. I think of it like a daily resume.  Normally you don’t update your resume until it’s needed, well… Subject Matter Status is a daily, weekly or monthly current thing.

Once you start, you’ll be glad you did!

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Action Steps
1- Imagine you are talking to a customer about your business, why should they choose you?  Make a bullet point “top 5” reasons to pick you over your competition.  Once you have the top 5… write a one page paper on each bullet point.  You now have 6 pages for your blog!
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