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Episode #290 – It’s OK to be a Beginner, Even When You’re the Expert!

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“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.”

Here’s the scoop. You’ve got something to say.  You say it every day, that’s why you have your own business. When you start to look at it this way, sharing your knowledge online will become much easier.

The reason I’m trying to put you at ease and build your confidence is because today is our Subject Matter Expert topic day. This is the day devoted to promoting yourself with the single purpose of building online credibility.

When I talk about this topic sometimes I see the rolling eyes, sighs, and groans. But this is really important.  When you’re online, no one knows who you are.  Social networking has helped to make the internet more comfortable. However, it’s very easy to create an avatar and conduct (bad) business.

Even if you are a “real world only” business, guess what… your customers are online. I’ve noticed this with our business.  We have people that visit the boat yard then either a few days before or a couple days after the same person has viewed my profile on Linked In.  I think that’s cool.


This means when you position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert you are taking the extra effort to help your customers find information they need to make important decisions.  When you write articles, it’s like giving your customers a gift. It is information that helps guide them to a solution.

That’s why today’s inspiration is important.  Because, although you are a beginner at positioning your status and information, that’s OK, because everyone has been a beginner!  The information ou provide is valuable and needs to be shared, don’t let your “beginner-ness” trip you up, you can do this!  It’s OK to be a beginner at the same time you’re an expert! hahaha

Start today by enhancing your Linked In profile!  Add a conference you attended or rewrite your previous job descriptions.  You need to be “real” online so you build confidence with your customers.

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Action Steps
1- Go to your Linked In profile and enhance your top description – your main selling point – the thing that makes you… YOU!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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