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Social Marketing - You Don't Own Posts Create a Funned to a List

Who owns a post? I am fascinated by the legal gymnastics this article presents.

I have a baton twirling site and watch as lots and lots of the photos that appear in my newsfeed have watermarks seemingly ignored by the people posting. But this article goes even further.

There is an art exhibit created with Instagram photos "modified slightly" then printed to canvas. Several have sold at the $90,000 mark.

What if this were your photo... You posted an adorable photo of your grandparents. You didn't intend it for marketing or sales purposes. It was just a sweet photo that was super cool. Then a year later you find out it was screenshot, printed on canvas, and sold for 100k, and there was nothing you can do.

Just something to consider as the laws play catch up with technology... But seriously... Read the link!

(PS if your name is still available as a domain, buy it).


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