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Social Marketing - Understanding Instagram for Business Marketing

Instagram... I don't get it! Ok, try these hints because this social tool is fun.

Your message will be somewhat like Pinterest, but a little more casual. It's similar to Facebook, but less words and more hashtags!

Simple photos that tell a story. Instead of the photo of a picnic basket with a price tag... Highlight what's inside! Look at the sandwiches, grapes, lemonade! In your text write a quick message that a picnic basket carries more than food... It carries memories. Enjoy your day playing at the park! Then hashtag words like picnic basket, day at the park... You get the idea.

The simple ways to increase your Instagram audience are using hashtags and posting often (consistently) and adding that badge to your website!

Other great ideas are in the article I linked to below... For sure read it and embrace Instagram, it's my favorite network!

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