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Social Marketing - Learn Marketing Secrets from a 100 Year Old Company

Can a 100 year old teach you social marketing?

If it's Coca-Cola then yes, absolutely! Get a glimpse into their social marketing future in the attached article.

I know it's sometimes takes everything you've got to write one post, but look to Coke and see where this is heading, it just may inspire your posting efforts.

I like the terms liquid content and dynamic storytelling... Gives a different perspective on viral. It's also something every business can (should) do! Take risks and engage! Provide those "trade industry" articles... The result??? You're positioned as the expert... When it's shared, your company is attached to it, you can't buy that type of advertising!

Coke has "leveled up" and it's pretty fascinating. Read!!!

(Oh...and they're over 100 years old).


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