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Social Marketing - Success Tips and Goal Setting for Social Media Marketing

Without a goal you're floundering!

It's great to have lots of likes, but if you're struggling to come up with topics to write about its because you don't have a solid outcome defined. Goal setting is a huge part of successful social marketing.

I'm not just talking about short term goals... There needs to also be a big picture. Make sure to define "What is the long term vision for your company?" as a part of your social marketing process.

If you clearly define a vision, the plan will appear. Finally... plug in #5 (my favorite tip) and you're well on your way.

Tip 5 is to put a name with the social media game plan. You need the WHO not just the what! So who is in charge of social media? But, (and this is great) take it to the next level by answering the best question ever...

"What's your process for listening and responding to customers?"

Must-Do Alert! Write it on a post-it... It's the core of social marketing! Love this article... Check it out.


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