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Small Business Advice Blog for the Recretainment Industry - Episodes 224 - 229

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Infinity Marketing Machine Daily Topics:
Monday - Character (Subject Matter Expert)
Tuesday - Content & Consistency
Wednesday - Midweek Motivation
Thursday - Infinity Customers
Friday - Big Money
Saturday - Try This!


Episode #224 - Monday - New Concept in Positioning Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

Episode #225 - Tuesday - Are You A Habit? Is It a Good Habit or a Bad Habit?

Episode #226 - Wednesday - Use Training Wheels to Master the Social Marketing Basics or Else You'll Fall Off Your Bike

Episode #227 - Thursday - Create a Wow-In-Waiting to Enhance Your Infinity Marketing Machine

Episode #228 - Friday -  What's Upside Down? Door is Open... Go Find Out.

Episode #229 - Saturday -  No Words, No Pictures, Great Impact.