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Quickest Ways to Make Money

“See things in the present, even if they are in the future.” —Larry Ellison, Oracle co-founder – You made it to this page because you want to learn how to earn money.  Well, the truth is, you already know how to make money.  Clearly you have a successful business but you want more and are trying to figure out the quickest ways to make money.   I guess what the quote is telling us is that although you’re looking for new ways to make money fast the real goal is to see the future now. 

bigfishsecret.com - See things in the present even if they are in the future

But what does this mean?  Well… as you are planning your next month, quarter or year ask yourself some basic questions.  1)  What are your customers buying, 2)  How can you sell more?  3) Do you have enough inventory?  4)  What is the next logical step?   Let’s explore.

Let’s say you’re selling socks.  Customers are going crazy for your socks!  Moving to question two, how can you sell more socks?  This involves pricing.  You can discount one pair, you can bundle a savings for multiple pairs, you can do an add on of an unrelated product.   There are lots of pricing structures, but ultimately you need to make sure you have enough inventory.  If the goal is the quickest way to make money, that comes from clearing out old inventory.  If you want to earn more money, you’re probably looking at buying more product and selling.

However, the fourth question is a fun one… and that’s figuring out the next logical step and that will fulfill the quote that started this report.  To get to future sales, you must see them now!  If our primary product is socks… what goes with socks?  Let’s brainstorm, shoes, purses, bows, anklets, slippers, and much much more.  Just remember, if you have someone in your store or they’ve put something in your online cart, you have an active customer!  Close the deal and always remember it’s simpler  to get a current customer to spend more than to find a new customer to buy!  Remember I said simpler, not easier!  Good Luck and make sure to download my free report “Big Fish Secret” the link is below.

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