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What is an Infinitypreneur?

“Quit Thinking Small” Roxanne Rockvam

Blog Post Episode 450

The goal with the Infinity Marketing Machine is to create your own tribe.  This is the group of customers that know, like, and trust you!  When you’ve gained “the big three” you are able to suggest different products… and make more money.

The road to “the big three” takes time and consistent effort… and that’s when small business owners hit a wall.

I remember reading a social media “how to” book that said, “prepare to spend 15 hours a week on blah blah blah”.  I burst out laughing… who has time!  This quickly became a “how not to” book for social media marketing!

That’s when I decided there’s got to be a better way — thus, I developed the Infinity Marketing Machine.

But recently it’s felt like something has been missing.  Yes, you build this machine and you create customers that become loyal tribe members… however, I’m convinced we need a mind shift. 

We need to “Quit Thinking Small”.

I’ve always had this feeling deep in my gut that “small business” has a negative vibe.  Sure the physical size of businesses are not “large” and most focus around one or two  entrepreneurs, physically it’s small.  BUT, just for fun,  I looked up synonyms for “small” and the list included, puny, pitiful, petty, little, diminutive, meager, slight… it kept going.  Do you have a puny business?  How about a diminutive business?  Worst yet… is it a “cute” business… I hate that one!

Now… here are a few of the antonyms of small:  great, important, substantial, unrestricted… doesn’t a “great business”, or “important business” sound better?


Here’s where I’m going…


Quit Thinking Small and Start Doing Infinity

Products + Customers = Small Businesses

Infinity Products + Infinity Customers = Infinity Businesses


When you produce a product that is ongoing without an upper limit and when you convert your customers from “one and done” to Infinity through my process of tribeology.  You have transitioned from entrepreneur to Infinitypreneur!

Quit Thinking Small.