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How to Increase Sales with 6 Awesome Tips to Generate Sales

The best ways to increase sales involve your current customers.  Continue to provide more, go over and above the expectations, and soon you’ll discover the secret of how to increase sales.

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“Always deliver more than expected.” —Larry Page, Google co-founder

Six ways to Generate Sales

First. build a list.  You need to continually do things to increase your list.  Not a list through social sites, but actually getting an email or physical address.  The reason not to rely on social sites is because they hold the power of your list and should they change their rules, all of your hard work can disappear.  Much different than if you retain control of how to get ahold of your customers.

Second, use social media.  My first hint may have made you question the value of social sites.  Social sites are very important, this is where customers will find you.  Once you get them hooked on your site, continue to work on getting them to the next level which is obtain that email address!

Third, creative point of sale displays.  The other day I was in a grocery store with a display of soda bottles. Instead of a pretty display of cases of soda, they had an old school style soda cooler from the 1950’s.  This set the mood for the retro style labels on the bottles and really was a creative point of sale display.

Fourth, relocate that merchandise!  If you keep the same display at the front, your regular customers will begin to look past the display.   Keep the displays new, fresh and rotated.  Your regular customers provide you the most income, help them give you money by giving them new surprises to see!

Fifth, the obvious suggestion to generate sales, have price tags.  People will rarely ask how much something costs so make sure it’s priced!

Finally, impulse items.  Make sure you have something next to the cash register that a customer will pick up – again help your customer increase their sales total!


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