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How to Earn Money Fast!

“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO – great quote when you’re exploring more ways to make money.  You’ve got your basic business up and running but the desire to find easy ways to make money are a daily desire of all small business owners.

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So, how do you earn more money?  Chase your vision!  It’s true, break your business down to it’s core, think about why you started your own business and the money will follow.  For example, if you own a gift store, learning how to earn money fast will stem from your core business.  Rather than add another profit center, look at what you have and figure out how to sell more.  It’s going to take more time to build a new audience vs. getting your current audience to increase their shopping cart total.

Why not offer a discount on two?  Think about it, you already have the product in inventory –it naturally make sense to increase your cart total and turn your inventory quicker.  So maybe instead of making $10 on the sale of one product you make $16 on the sale of two!  Small discounts can go a long way!

But ultimately it involves chasing your vision.  Go back to your core vision… if you don’t remember your core vision, write one!  It will help keep you on track and back to achieving your vision!

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