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Cheap Business Ideas

“Make every detail perfect and limit the number of details to perfect.” —Jack Dorsey

Here are some awesome cheap business ideas.  Remember cheap doesn’t mean free, but with a little energy you’ll find these cheap small business ideas a great addition to your marketing plan.

  1. Make a brochure of your services. Don’t be afraid to create several brochures, they make great one-on-one hand outs!
  2. Your staff is vital to sales – put the time and energy in to training and re-training
  3. Referrals are amazing… acquire more from current customers by rewarding a finders fee!
  4. Blogs are a great way to create content and have it visited over and over bringing traffic to your web site.
  5. Your high school is a great place to volunteer by speaking to classes or special events like business day. Take photos and post on your social media sites, this way the school kids see it, but your larger social audience sees it, too!
  6. Press Releases are great ways to get your news in the paper.
  7. Look into your local highway adoption program. You’ll get a sign and that’s great publicity.


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