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Our Mission

The secret to small pond domination is to focus and commit to your marketing plan, especially social media marketing. I’ve read countless reports and articles. I’ve attended courses, sessions and seminars. But ultimately even my own efforts have fallen short. I’ve felt inferior when operating my business has pushed my well designed marketing plan to the back burner. Never has this been as apparent as when social marketing came into the mix.

Books and speakers have an unending stream of messages such as “you have to do this daily”, “you must be consistent”, “you must provide original content” – it’s crazy. Not their advice, but the way it makes you feel when you can’t live up to their expectation. It’s time to stop, re-evaluate, and try again this time giving social media the emphasis it needs without paralyzing you.

We're taking a different approach on this madness. This new approach comes from audience feedback at a “social media know-how” presentation I delivered. My assumption "pre-presentation" was that every business has a social media presence. Boy, that was thrown out the window when the majority of the business owners were just beginning and seeking knowledge to start on this amazing journey.

“That’s it”, I thought! They’re ready, but they need a coach. And that brings me here! I’m not interested in doing your social media. In fact, it’s one of those recurring messages from my mentors that I believe in my heart is true.  The message is, “you can’t outsource this stuff… you know your business better than anyone else”.  It's true, you have to do it. But, the “do” is where the majority of people get stuck. And that's where we come in, we’re here to help you "do". It begins with seven steps. These seven steps, when embedded into your marketing plan, will allow you “Small Pond Domination”.

Seven Steps to Social Marketing Success

1) Commit, transform and change your paradigm

2) Target platforms

3) Automate

4) Team

5) Theme

6) Evaluate

7) Repeat and expand

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