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Facebook Stuff to Check Out

Social marketing Success tips

A few secret Facebook features to make your day easier. I read a great article this morning about Facebook features. I didn’t know there were stock images available to use for free, that you could check out your competition by setting up a pages to watch feature, or that you could schedule posts from within the ad creation.
There are a couple more tips, but I wanted to focus on these because they can really help your presence in the small pond. Starting with images.

I recommend using your own photos from your business on ads, but sometimes it’s just not an option… when you’re in the ad creation feature of Facebook instead of clicking the upload images tab, click the stock images tab. Scan through and maybe there is something you’ll like. Just remember they don’t all comply with the guidelines for Facebook ads, so it could be rejected for something like too much text on the photo, stay under 20%.

Another feature is watching your competition. At the bottom of the Insights page you will find the “pages to watch” link. This will allow you to follow of whomever you want! This way you can see how many likes they receive for posts and also the amount of engagement they receive. Setting up this feature will help you see which posts are popular for the competition and possibly gear you in that direction as well.

And finally, the ability to schedule a post. You’ll find this feature in the publishing tools tab under scheduled posts followed by create. Huge time saver! Create a couple posts for the week, and schedule them. It’s a “set it and forget it” type of feature. Now here’s the cool feature, you can backdate posts. Have you ever had a sequence series and messed up? Well this allows you to sandwich in, versus delete and post again.  

There are three little known features you should check out! Have fun posting.


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