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Episode #89 – Chunk Your Time and Add Hobbies for Money, Exercise and Creativity

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How do you find time for hobbies?  Schedule it into your day!

I was thinking of how important today’s inspiration is: “Find three hobbies: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to keep you creative.”  Then it occurred to me, Ben Franklin also believed this, maybe not as hobbies, but he did say, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”  That’s pretty much the same as money, in shape, and creative.

The first thing you think of is, “I have no time”.  And although it seems that way because you’re busy with running your business, you have just as much time as everyone else.  That’s the cruel part of time… everyone has the same amount.  You have to figure out how to adjust your time for the big three hobbies.

Some may argue that your hobby is making money because you have a business.  And that’s fine too as long as you don’t operate your business as a hobby.   Then there is the ultimate business adventure where all three hobbies are bundle together!  Think about a dance studio.  You make money, you are very creative, and you get exercise.

However, I think the purpose of today’s inspiration, or even Ben’s advice from years ago… is that you need to get your brain and body outside of your business.  You need a break.  If this seems impossible, start with 10 minute chunks.  If you don’t have 10 minutes today, make sure to schedule this in tomorrow.  Actually take your calendar and schedule the time block in to your day. This can be something you can do “close to home” so to speak.  You can go for a walk, listen to an audiobook, sell something on etsy or ebay.  Use the marketing skills you have in a different way!  But take time for hobbies.

What is the most creative way to can integrate one of the big three; money, exercise, or creativity into your daily routine?

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Action Step
1- Which of the three hobbies are you missing?
2- Find 10 minutes today to get some hobby time into your daily routine!
3- Share the way you “time chunked” hobby time into your schedule, use the form on our app… it’s free! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)


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