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Episode #70 – Storms Happen – Play in Puddles by Adding Profit Centers to Your Small Business

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Today’s Inspiration: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Summary: Storms will happen, so do downturns in sales. Learn to play in puddles and add profit centers to your business cycle calendar!


Not every day will be sunny, it’s going to be gloomy, rainy and then there are storms.

“Storm” is lack of business or downturn in sales. This is the time you get to play in the puddles!

I believe in the power of Profit Centers because they essentially diversify your risk in business.  If you take the time to build other lines of profit to your business you will “weather the storm”.

Continuing with our weather theme, you know that every year you are going to have seasons. Capitalize on this!  Create a profit center for each season.  It might not seem obvious, but every business follows a cycle triggered by a time of year.   For example auto repair will have their profit centers of “maintenance” like an oil change or “body work” from a collision, but they also add events such as preparing for winter or summer road trips.

Your business might have a holiday or a deadline centric product.  Taxes have April 15, schools have graduation and back to class, retail has the holidays, and there are weddings in June.  If your business has a focus on something like this, you have three months before to “plan”.  It’s just a great way to build another a “planning” profit center to your business.

This “planning” time is critical to your social media marketing success.  This is exactly the area that you need to create your digital freemium of advice that you offer prospects in exchange for their email.  When customers are searching for your product during the planning phase, your website will be there with information ready to help them.  Once you get their email, you can continue to market to them and again help “weather the storm” of reduced sales.

Tip: “marketing is the profit center” that we are all striving for as we build our database of interested customers!

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Action Step
1- Identify a “planning phase” in your business cycle
2- Challenge yourself to turn this “planning phase” into a profit center. Including the capturing of information by creating a freemium!
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