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Episode #58 – What’s the Dream You’re Willing to take Risks for…?

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The question mark is very motivational, eh?  Ha Ha – I debated using it.  My original focal point was a beautiful sunset where the sun was just about at the ocean and the light was peeking through a palm on shore.  And I started organizing my thoughts for Today’s Podcast, the Two Minute Commute and realized… that’s my dream, it might not be yours!  Then I started thinking of so many cool things, like red fancy cars, convertibles, golf carts, ski trips, biking in the mountains, cooking class, spending time with family, camping… (alright, anyone who knows me is laughing at about three of those things I wrote down) but my point is, there’s a giant question mark, and I’m not filling it in for you!

Fill in the question mark with the photo of your dream! While my visualization photo is a beautiful ocean sunset, but yours might be a fancy car.  Use today’s inspiration, “be willing to take risks for the reward of your dreams” as your guide.  If you visualize the reward of your dreams in great detail, like it’s real, right now you will be willing to take the risks to make it happen.

Rewards are an important part of goal achievement.  I know you’ve heard it before, but a reminder helps, use the SMART goal setting technique as a tool… (specific, measurable, achievable, reward, time sensitive) along with visualization!  Give it a try.  Here’s a reminder article  about SMART goal setting (item #2) on my Big Fish Ideas.com website.

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Action Step
1- determine your one great goal
2- visualize this goal in great detail… what does it look like, smell like, sound like, who is with you… (trust me, this will make the risk and hard work much more fun)

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