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Episode #48 – Fear Holds You Back

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Your Fear Holds You Back for a Reason, Question the Reason. Is it a real reason, gut feeling, past experience… the fear is there, so you’ve got to find out why!

Let’s say you have an idea for a new product but you don’t know if you should move forward with it.  Your “why” might be that you’ve had a bad past experience, and although all of your data indicates you should move forward, it’s making you afraid of failing… again.  OR you really want to make the product because you think it’s cool however… all of your data is saying “no don’t do it” but emotionally you’ve invested so much time in the product that you really, really, want to move forward, but that darn data is making you afraid.  In both situations, the path forward still might be hazy, but asking why helps bring a little clarity to the reason for your fear.

It’s like the tiger in the photo… he looks like he’s not in the mood for visitors.  But what we don’t know is if the photographer came across him at a pond or if he’s taking the photo with a telephoto lens OR if it’s at the zoo behind a glass barrier.  The tiger is still something to be aware of, but is our personal situation regarding the tiger risky?
Action Step
1- Question the reason your fear holds you back.  When you feel uneasy about a decision, ask “what is making me feel this way” – if you say gut feeling, explore the cause of the gut feeling… because you just might be standing behind a glass wall at the zoo.

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