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Episode #395 – You Look Amazing On Your Horse

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“It’s hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse” Adlai Stevenson

Print up this quote and put it on your wall.  I mean how perfect!  You are transforming your marketing from “one and done” to infinity.  This happens when you decide to turn customers into a tribe.

This tribe is united by your vibe!  Remember you are the vibe behind your tribe… but what does this really mean?  It means you need to be confident and decide what you really want to attract!

If you lack confidence and a sense of direction you will have a murky tribe at best.  This is not a group that will exhibit great loyalty to your cause.

Now if you develop a clear set of objectives… I mean you spend the time to make a list of what you want and what you DON’T want in a group of followers… you will develop a strong loyal group – but again, this all depends on you and the vibe you create!

If you think you look funny on your horse… you’re not going to get a whole bunch of followers as you “CHARGE”!

Think about it.

The more confidence you exhibit… the more people will be attracted to you!

Be confident.  You look amazing on your horse.


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