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Episode #318 – You Have the Components, Now It’s Time to Get Results.

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“It is not about the pieces but how they work together.” MKing

Have you ever opened up your computer?  OK a long time ago… roll eyes, like 15 years ago… you used to open your computer case and pretend you could figure out how to install more memory.  HAHA imagine if you opened your Iphone!  That was funny.

OK back to reality.

There are a whole bunch of pieces inside that do a bunch of stuff, but only together.  It’s like a flash light.  You take out the batteries and you’ve got nothing but a nice handle and a glass dome.  OK, how about a bicycle.  You see the chain, gears, pedals, wheels and frame… oh and the seat.  Hop on and pedal.  You can get anywhere with ease.  Faster you pedal the faster you get there.

Now, take the chain off.  OOPS.  Bad idea, although you can lower the seat and use your feet on the ground and still get forward motion.  It’s just not as easy.

What happens if you simply have a pile of stuff.  The wheels, chain, gears, pedals, frame and seat are just there in the middle of the room.  You’ve got a whole bunch of components that do nothing.

That is what you have right now with your Social Marketing.  You have email, a website, social media accounts.  If you’re lucky you have your feet on the ground and you’re gliding. But, what if you could have a fully functioning bike that you controlled by pedaling?   If you coordinated and integrated your email with your Facebook post and that interlinked with your website.

Pretty awesome thought!

This is the Infinity Marketing Machine.  You have the components, now it’s time to focus your efforts, make interesting content, and strategically link the three together!  It’s easy to start, you just have to decide to make a change and believe in yourself.  This doesn’t take a lot of money, in fact, it really is your big money small change idea for the day!  Create an Infinity Marketing Machine.


Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Create an amazing post that refers your fan to your website!  That’s the beginning of your Infinity Marketing Machine.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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