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Episode #297 – Wear Your Life Jacket To Work! What?

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“Let’s make a special effort to stop communicating with each other so we can have some conversation.” Mark Twain

Are you ready to stop communicating?

That’s a bizarre concept to wrap your head around, but it’s vital to the core of social marketing.  You are no longer communicating, you are conversating.

Get it?  haha

When you create a post, you wnat to be in the mind set of conversation, not communication.  You want to have a conversation which is less about the proper grammar and punctuation, and more about the exchange of ideas!  You can conversate with ease on social media!  This includes your blog.  It’s the ability to intertwine your personality with your behind the scenes stuff that happens around your business.

However, this is different from your website, you still want to communicate there. Since your website is your online home and remains fairly static you should represent your business in the voice of your advertising.  You want to be serious and present your information with integrity.  I guess you can think about it like how a teenager communicates with his parents and how they “conversate” with their friends…  it’s two different styles of language.

Same for Social Media vs. website pages.  As you are creating content that helps explain the “how and why” of your service… keep structure so it is timeless.  Use your post that is fun and timely to direct traffic to the page on your site.

For example, write a page on your website that addresses how to pick a proper life jacket.  Go into detail about different sizes and styles along with proper fit.  Then… use a social media post to emphasize “Wear Your Life Jacket To Work Day” by being silly.  AND yes… this is real, I did not make it up. “National Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day” is the Friday before Boat Safety Week.

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Action Steps
1- Yesterday, your task was to write your top six reasons to pick you over your competition and then make a page about each of the 6… today, come up with a fun/conversational type post to link to ONE of the 6!
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