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Episode #289 – Custom Domains Give Your Marketing Image a Boost

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Saturday Try This

Two awesome tips from one fantastic promotion.

I received this promotion in the mail from the Disney Vacation Club.  Anything that arrives from the DVC goes to the top of my “open” pile.  They come up with some of the neatest promotional pieces.  My favorite, if I can take a trip down memory lane, was a full 11×14 shipping box.  You opened the box and inside was a 3D paper cake – now it gets better… you pulled the tab on the side of the cake and 15 paper candles popped up to celebrate their 15th anniversary – it was cool.  I know I still have it… somewhere.


Although not 3D this was a pretty neat mailing piece I received and there are a couple tips to take away from it.

One, this promotion is for you to refer your friends.  It contains a couple neat vacation photos that make you personally want to visit the destination, but other than mentioning that you must love the club, it is not a solicitation to you… it’s meant for you to give or share with your friends.  How many times have you actually simply sent something to your current customers to forward to their friends? hummmm pretty interesting!

Two, look at the domain.  They bought a domain that is just for this purpose.  It costs less than 10 dollars to buy a domain for a year.  When you do this, it makes it very easy for the person you are targeting, and speaking of targeting you can track how many people visit the site.  This is a very easy way to help your customers navigate the web.

Custom domains help to “level the playing field” for small businesses – it’s a very inexpensive way to increase your professional image.

There you go… TWO real world tips… now get out there and “try this”!


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Action Steps
1- How can you use a second, third or tenth custom domain?  I use it on our website to navigate for employment information – this is a very easy way for prospective employees to join us.  Find the way you can use custom domains at your business!
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