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Episode #284 – Speak and Write with Confidence, You Owe it to Your Audience, Yourself, and Abraham Lincoln.

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Whatever you are, be a good one!” Abraham Lincoln

One of my favorite things to say is, “do what you do best and do it” – which is tough since sometimes things we do well we don’t like doing.  As crazy as that sounds, it’s true.  I’m certain there are things you’re good at that you’d prefer not doing.  I’m not excellent at computer troubleshooting, but I’m good at it… therefore, I’m the “go to” and you know what, I hate it. Roll eyes! UGH

SO, when I came across good ol’ Abe’s quote – I though…. hummmm that makes more sense. Probably why he was President and I’m not. (haha)

Let’s explore this – whatever you are, be a good one.  This can be the opposite of what my quote is – you might be doing something you totally are awful at, but do it at your highest ability possible – and this reminds me of my Japanese Classes in college.  OH yes, I speak Japanese.  I was told on more than one occasion that my Japanese is “cute” – I’ll guarantee that is not a compliment.

One reason my Japanese is cute is because I’m conversant, and I’m not afraid to try.  In fact, my happiest day in Japan was when I was at McDonalds and I was able to order a Chicken Sandwich that was plain, without knowing the words for mayonnaise or lettuce!  You now how I did it?  I pointed at the picture and said in my best Japanese, “no white and no green please”.  The language gap was eliminated.


If you look at my grades a different story emerges.  Try and study as I did… my grades were bad.  I recently looked at my transcript and I would have had a much better GPA had I not taken Japanese Language.  But what’s the fun in that?  I mean, I can fumble through a conversation when we have Japanese guests.  I’m shaking my head because I’m sure they want to say my Japanese is “cute” but are probably just excited that someone in the middle of Minnesota is trying to help them.  ANNNND they get me… that’s funny.

But thinking about Abe’s inspiration I am the best “good one” I can be.  This is the concept of a Subject Matter Expert.  When you feel awkward or uncomfortable promoting your expertise, just remember… the person talking to you at that moment or the person reading your blog post, is thrilled for the information and ideas you provide.

My advice is to keep going, there will always be someone “better” or more qualified – but people found YOUR blog.  Therefore, just do like Abe and be the best “good one” you possibly can be.  Write or speak with confidence… especially when it’s in a second language!


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