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Episode #271 – Get Creative with Your Christmas Tree and People Will Be Amazed!

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Saturday- Try This

Use what you’ve got!  This Subway created a cute Christmas Display.  They took an ordinary tree and make it their own!  I noticed it as I was leaving the Subway in Florida.  Not every Subway restaurant has a Christmas Tree… but this one did AND they made it their own!

You can do this too!

They took gift cards and make them into ornaments.  They also used brochures as decorations on their tree.  I love the party sub box in the display as a gift package and when you look under the tree they used a large bag as the wrapping paper for some boxes.

It’s just a nice way to take an ordinary tree and “level up” to add that holiday flair to their own store.

I think this would be a pretty easy way to decorate at your store too!  Try It!


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Action Steps
1- Merry Christmas – how can you decorate your Christmas Tree with the spirit of your business… look around your office/store and use the Subway Tree as your inspiration!
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