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Episode #235 – Glasses With a Message

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Advertise on your own glasses!  BUT… do it like Quarterdeck.

Last week I attended Marina Manager training and we went out for a group lunch.  While eating I noticed the cup had a special message on one side.

It had a QR code to scan for specials.

OK — it’s a very cool idea.  While you are sitting in the restaurant you can scan your glass to see what the specials are, RIGHT NOW.  This is different from putting it on a place card on the table.  Only those that try scanning their glass will be rewarded.

Now, one way to “level up” this type of promotion would be to use the “text a word” to a designated number to immediately collect the customers text number and/or email!  That way you could give the customer specials and allow you to send other updates in the future.

You see… you put this information on your promotional cup… but the landing page can change to what ever message you desire!  So you print once and then… up to the minute… you can update the special!  This is why it’s such a valuable “real time” item!

Try it!

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Action Steps
1-  Do you have an item where you can add a “text to this number” or some sort of interactive method?  Find an item and do this!
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