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Episode #222 – Create Your Moment by Adding Something to Your Infinity Marketing Machine

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“Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for the perfect moment – they create it.” ―Richard Branson

Ready… Set… Go!  Make your moment.

Welcome to Friday, the chance to get your plan ready for the weekend and just make it happen.  Maybe you’ve been cultivating your customers for a while and now it’s time to take that product they want and present it to them via email…

Maybe it’s time to get your database program tweaked to capture more emails so you’ll soon have a great list to present offers to…

What ever your stage in the Infinity Marketing Machine, the moment is yours!  The best part about this system is that you control it.

Here’s a couple ideas for right now.

1- create a great information product related to your product or service that people will trade their email for… this can be a top 10 list, a great video you find on YouTube, or a small booklet.  Just something that is of interest!  You know what this is, we’ve all downloaded something in exchange for an email… think creatively and make the give-away.

2- create a new series that you can upload to your website.  This might be a top 10 ways to do something… or how a video on how you create something you sell, like a behind the scenes in our chocolate kitchen… just do something that is searchable!  Remember, if you create a video that you embed on your site you need to still write text with keywords that you have selected!

3- Write an email that is a “bonus” email — just say “hi” and tell your customers something interesting that is coming up in the next week…

the purpose here is to write something that is going to be archived to you.  Your email can stay in the customer’s email box.  The information product stays on your site and is a gift to customers.  The new series becomes pages on your site.  All of these things are worth the time and effort because they’ll have longevity.

The fun thing to do with all three is link to your products and services so they have the added bonus of being advertising!  OK, anything that is put on your website is technically advertising, but a link on an information page really is a nice bonus space for creating sales.

When you add to your Infinity Marketing Machine you are not doing busy work – you are building more avenues for people to find your product and in turn you are creating your moment!


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Enhance your Infinity Marketing Machine – write a page for your website!  This can be a series, answer a question, or a video — what ever it is, make it awesome!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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