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Episode #218 – Make Up an Interesting Statistic

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“Social networks are nothing more than a corner of the web.” A. Naslund

Keep this quote in mind as you are developing your Subject Matter Expert Status.  You are simply “owning” your corner of the web.

The best place to start is to enhance your Linked-In account.  It might seem strange to think of Linked-in as a place for entrepreneurs, because one of the primary “go to’s” for Linked-in has been finding jobs.  Well, you may not be looking for jobs, but one of the best resources for building creditably is via the network you build on this platform.

Your customers may seek you out and look to what network you’ve built as a source of authenticity.  I know our customers check out our profiles shortly before making a decision to store their boat.  Last week I checked out the profile of an attorney, now he’s outstanding, but does not have a strong profile.  It’s odd, but he’s also “old school” and doesn’t like the internet.  Finally, I have a friend of mine that is a talent scout for jobs, so I mentioned to add a stat such as, I’ve interviewed over 2,000 applicants…

That is a completely relevant stat… here’s why.

It’s a relevant and everyone has been through a job interview so you know that if you find someone that has interviewed over 2,000 applicants, they must know what they’e doing!

This is no different from when I say, “I worked in college admissions and I’ve reviewed over 1,000 scholarship applications”  Really, I have!  Would you trust me to give you feedback on a scholarship application?  Heck Yeah!

The best stats you can come up with are those that make an impact.

As you build your online Linked-In account and are looking for statistics or points of human interest… think about your current business and something you do every day… then factor that by how many times a week, year and how many years you’ve been in business… PUT THAT STAT ON YOUR PROFILE!

It’s just a great way to build your Subject Matter Expert Profile!


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Think of two creative stats you can put on your Linked-In Profile… and put them there!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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