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Episode #193 – What is the Infinity Marketing Machine?

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What is the Internet Marketing Machine?  It’s your ability to connect with your customers on your terms.  You build a bond by creating information customers want to receive and in turn they offer their information so you can continue to market to them.  It’s a “win win” relationship that turns a customer from “one and done “ to an “infinity customer”.

I’m watching how social media is evolving and the more I learn the more I need to share.  The most concerning thing is that when you build your audience on a social media platform like YouTube, Facebook or even Twitter… you don’t own that audience.

Sure, you might not be concerned, but here’s how this affects you.  When the company that owns the site changes their rules, you get affected.  This happened a few years back when Facebook changed their rules and quit showing every post.  One day your posts went to everyone on your list, the next day your posts were only appearing on only a handful of your follower’s feeds.  This is a big problem.  If you were relying on this traffic, it was all of a sudden gone!

You need better control of your traffic.  That is the best reason to create an Internet Marketing Machine.  When the machine is cranking you are in control.  You are developing relationships with your customers.  You provide information they want to receive and you continue to add more people to your list.  This constant attention really helps build the bond.  Then at appropriate moments you offer items for sale.

The purpose of the Infinity Marketing Machine is to create a list of your customers that you can build a relationship with via providing information. It is not going to work if it becomes a “buy, buy, buy” messaging system.  Think about the best email lists you are on, they provide information, build a bond with you, and sell you items, but they don’t pressure you.  You need to treat your customers the same way.  Spend more emphasis on providing valuable information, the benefit of sales will follow!

It starts with being consistent in your posting of content that your customers want!  Here’s a Social Marketing Planner I created and have for sale on Etsy.  Check it out!

SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Start collecting the names of your customers so you can start to build your Infinity Marketing Machine
2- Determine when you will post information for your customers.  Be Consistent!
3- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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