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Episode #67 – Patience, Waiting and a Good Attitude… but My Free App is Ready – install at SmallBusinessClubApp.com

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We have all had to wait in line for the person ahead of us with the “world’s dumbest question” to finish, haven’t we?!?!  Well, maintaining a good attitude is the best course of action, it gives you something to focus on.

OK, here’s the strangest metaphor I can come up with… my dog, Mr. Pancake, loves to bark at everything.  I mean everything.  His trainer taught him to “stay” and he stops barking.  Why?  Well, he has to focus on something else.  All of his energy is focused on “stay” and he cannot bark.  And really it’s teaching him patience.

If you focus on having a good attitude while being patient, it will help you, too.  Watch this some time while you wait in line… if you see the cranky person, they spiral out of control with a bad attitude, while the happy person maintains a good attitude.  And really, who do you want to be more like?

Business is all about patience, you wait for proofs, deliveries, employees… the better your attitude while you wait, the happier you’ll be.

That brings me to my new app!  YEA!!!!  It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!

In a true test of my patience, where I did my best to maintain the most positive attitude, after 5 months of waiting for Apple to approve it, it’s finally in the App store.   I have no idea why it was rejected 4 times… other than it just got caught in some strange cyber loop OR I was being forced to practice patience (haha).  But it’s here!!!

Go install it… smallbusinessclubapp.com

Tell your friends that own business to install it too… the more people joining, the better this thing is going to rock!

The reason I created the “Big Fish Ideas Small Business Club App” is to easily get all the information in one location.  You’ll find this blog and the “Two Minute Commute” podcast along with a way to submit your “real world” marketing successes.  I love finding “real world examples” when I’m out shopping, but really, when you get to brag about your store, it’s more fun!

Install the app and let’s get this party started.

… and always remember “True patience is keeping a good attitude while waiting!”

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Action Step
1- Install my free app “Big Fish Ideas Small Business Club” – click or visit SmallBusinessClubApp.com
2-Practice a good attitude today while you are waiting… could be at your business, waiting on hold, or in line buying groceries.  Keep a good attitude!

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