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Episode #210 – Stop Making Excuses Or You’ll Wonder What Happened!

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“You can’t make money and excuses at the same time. So pick one”

Today I made a video.  This might not sound like a big deal… but it was.  My hair is not perfect, OK… let’s be honest it could look a lot better.  But you know why I did it, because I was tired of excuses.

I was making a dog collar.

Alright, my hobby is making money.  I truly enjoy selling things online.  I’m a complete dork, but if I’m not working at my “real job” at the marina I am doing things online.  That means I sell things online whether it’s my store, Etsy, eBay, Zazzle, Facebook… I sell stuff.  This is how I pay for my car… I upgraded a couple weeks ago. Ironically, while I was at the showroom I received a message from a prospective buyer.  She was looking for a Martingale collar a little wider than I sold. My supplier had it.  The other thing was she didn’t want the name of the dog on the collar but a message “Do not pet” – her dog is a rescue that is not comfortable when strangers try to pet him.

Long story short, here’s the thing.  I went back and forth messaging with the prospective buyer.  Saw photos of the very cute dog… and I created a custom listing so it was easy for her to order.  And as I was walking out of the dealership, ding… I got an order!  I look at this as a good sign that my hobby will pay for my car.

So why did I make a video?  Because in about a year the overwhelming amount of content online will be video.  That’s crazy!  I did so a 30 day, get comfortable in front of the camera, exercise… oh mannnnn, it was awful.  OK by day 30 it wasn’t a big deal, but day 1 to 4 are really bad.  I mean REALLY bad!  I’m glad I did that exercise.

But… a couple days ago I came up with an idea that I could take videos when I’m creating the crafts that I sell.  SO today was the first day!  I made the video, I quit the excuses.  The story is amazing and I wanted to share it.  Because, if you want to make money, build the relationship with your customer and create the product they want!

Now it’s your turn… stop excuses and do that “thing” you’ve been avoiding.  You’ve got to choose it’s either money or excuses.


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- No More Excuses.  Choose Money!  Start building your Infinity Marketing Machine.  (Whether it’s collecting names, working on your subject matter expert status, creating your blog/podcast/vlog, making passion pages) — Start!
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