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Episode #121 – Commit. My Blog, Day 91… in a Row!

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“Commit first, figure the rest out later.”

Make a decision.  That’s all you have to do.  There’s something you’ve been putting off… now’s the time to rush forward.  Go for it!

If only it were that simple.  Well, it kinda is.

Take the time to research your path but give yourself a time limit to start the journey.  And once you start, commit to it.  That’s the big thing!

Take blogging for an example.

A while ago, I decided the “practice what I preach” is the best coaching method for me.  When I coach baton twirlers, I stick to the philosophy of never asking for something I haven’t done or wouldn’t do myself… now as tricks advance of course I must modify… but it’s always a great starting point and great motivator to be able to lead by example.

Therefore, when I say you need to be consistent on your blogging, I learned you have to lead by example.  Prior to March of this year, I heard all the advice.  “You need to be consistent”, “Don’t let your audience down”, “Post regularly”… and it goes on and on.  The only problem was, I never tried it.

The thing that “clicked” for consistency with me…, or should I say the inspirational phrase that resonated with me, was the “When is the best time to plant a tree?  20 years ago… when is the second best time? Now.”   It’s the, if you post twice a week, next month at this time you’ll have 8 posts!  Well… today… this is post 91 in a row.  Therefore I have 91 pages of content.

What does that mean?

When someone types in “small business advice” in Google, I now have 91more chances to make an impression.  I have 91 pages of tips and motivation for small business owners that can be found.  Is it the best advice on the planet? HA!  My other philosophy is that it’s a big world and there’s ALWAYS someone else smarter, faster, prettier, and more clever than you.  So no.  But that isn’t going to stop me and it shouldn’t stop you.

Focus on what really matters.  It’s not best, but it’s your unique perspective.  We live in an information society, and that impacts you and your business because both now depend on the sharing of information.  You must present yourself as a subject matter expert and provide value before the sale.  You must win your loyal fans right now, before they will do business with you.  Therefore… you must blog.

If no one in your competition circle is blogging, well guess what… start YESTERDAY.  Put yourself at a competitive advantage.  If the term blog is scary, just write articles that are 2 to 3 paragraphs surrounding a consistent theme.  (haha)  But honestly, that ‘s all a blog is…

IF you do not have the knowledge base or desire to write in your industry… it’s OK, you don’t have to… you need to focus on the Subject Matter Expert status of you as an individual.  I’ve used this example before, if you’re a an account and don’t want to write twice a week about accounting topics, but you love baking… blog about that!  When someone looks for an accountant they will find your blog and it helps to make you approachable AND real.  This is why you blog (or write 2 to 3 paragraphs around a consistent theme).  If you truly don’t want to write… start a podcast or Vlog… but Whatever you choose to communicate about… make the decision to start and…


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Action Step
1- Start a blog.  (If it doesn’t work you can change topics later) but start!
2- Brainstorm the ten topics for this blog… easiest way to do this is to pick one aspect – let’s say you were the baker/accountant – you could pick apple pie and find 10 things about apple pie; variation of apples, what serves with it, funny things your kids have said while eating pie… get it?
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