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Why Your Business Needs YOU To Think Like an Influencer.

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An influencer is someone that has the power to influence the thoughts and opinions of a large audience. This is typically someone on Instagram or YouTube with a large, highly engaged following. This kind of person is highly valuable to advertisers and to marketers alike as they have the ability to sway purchasing decisions, increase brand awareness, and even set trends and define what is “cool.”

So what do you have as a Small Business?

You have a following… you have customers!  These people need your leadership, so give it to them!

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Let’s put it another way. There are people willing to pay money… BIG money for product placement on a post for an influencer. 

And if marketers are willing to pay that much, then imagine what you could earn by selling your own products this way!

That’s the key.  You want to be able to use the skills of an influencer to sell your own products NOW.  It’s a little different from the 80s style late night commercials to buy a fishing pole that fits in your pocket… but it can be just as powerful.

Interested? Time to become an influencer – anyone can do it!

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Instead of looking for an influencer to pay to market your product, remember that you already have a relationship with your customers. 


Learning their skills can help you understand the content that helps and the ways to magnify the people who receive it.  Creating content is one thing but learning the skills to promote it is another.

It’s important to magnify your results because… well… you’re busy, dang it!

The reason you’re even here is because you are looking to increase sales. Therefore, if I tell you to create more content, write a great post, why do it if no one reads it… you need to learn how to amplify it!  This is where the skills of Influencer Marketers becomes wonderful.

Influencers that are engaging and good at promotion make it look so easy.  But you have an advantage because your customers already know you. 

If you just take the time to elevate your skills you will increase your sales.  This is about the bottom line and finding products to sell that your customers want. 

Here is a little more information to help explain just how powerful Influencers are AND more important, how learning the skills of an Influencer Marketer will improve sales at your small business.

FAQ’s To Setting Up A Perfect Influencer Marketing

So you’re still deciding whether to learn the skills of an influencer marketing.  So what is helpful to know about setting objectives and expectations.

Well, you are the Perfect Influencer because you know the product and services of your business better than anyone on the planet.  Every day you go to work and serve people… therefore you are the spokesperson… you just don’t look at yourself like that.

So developing a new strategy and learning the skills that successful Influencers use is important.  Here are a few questions to help you see the importance of Influencer Marketing.

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Does Influencer Marketing Boost Brand Awareness?  Yes!  The key to market success is market awareness.  Therefore, if you focus on HOW to build your awareness like the influencers do… you will break through the clutter in the marketplace.

What Types of Skills Does Influencer Marketing Require for Audience Engagement?  Oh goodness, the skills to present your product at the right place and time to get people to like and share mean everything!  Realize this, and you will become a powerhouse leader at your business.

Can Influencer Marketing Help turn people into valuable prospects?  Sure!  Why else would you spend time?  You are not interested in “likes” – I mean you can’t buy a chicken sandwich with likes, right… you can’t walk in to a fast food place and say, I’d like a chicken sandwich – here are 1,000 likes… you need money. Money comes from sales.  Learn the skills of an Influencer and start building loyalty with your current customers.

Will you make sales because you get people to share your content?  The best way to make money is to get your name out in the world.  It’s hard to break through the clutter, but influencers do it every day.  Study them AND learn from their skills. There’s a lot of trial and error that’s gone into their skills but you know how to run a business… now mesh the two things!  Skills and experience.  WOW.  Imagine how different your life will be!

Can Influencer Marketing Skills help retain customers?  Of Course!  The goal of developing the skills of an influencer is to build loyalty.  When you build loyalty people trust you and that trust allows someone to have confidence to purchase from you.  It’s time.  You are the Perfect Influencer for your business.

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