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The Secret to Getting More Readers…

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The secret to getting more readers, followers, and likes…

Is a headline important? Yes! The readability of your article depends on it. 

Consider the headline your “ad” for the remainder of the article. It’s the thing that captures your attention and makes you ant to learn more.  

How many times have flipped through your personal social feeds, only reading headlines? How often did you read the full article. My guess is you fell into the 80/20 rule. With a headline, 80% of viewers will read it… however only 20% go on to read the article.

As you are looking to acquire more “likes”, “followers”, “retweets” start with the base you have!  

If you have a base of 100 readers and following the above ratio, 20 go on to read the full article, there are 80 people who already like you that just need a little more incentive!  

The goal is to make the headline exciting and have your reader click the link to read the full article or blog. On twitter you may try this technique for the full tweet… it could be the first sentence on a Facebook post… it may even be the subject line on an email. Remember it’s about creating an attention gathering headline that increases your readership!

Here are a couple guidelines to better headlines.

You can modify several of these for your own business, but lets say you sell party items in your store and want to create an article on party planning! Here are three types of headlines.

1) How to

2) Secrets

3) The worst (or best)

“How to” – “How to host the ultimate game day party” (I kind of want to know this)

“Secrets” – “5 secrets to make a slumber party rock” (Sounds fun…)

“Worst” – “The 7 Worst Party Foods for Tweens” (I’m guessing you are already imagining stains, spills and things in your couch 2 months later)

Give these a try with your next article and see if you can increase your readership.  
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