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Prove It. (Social Proof – it’s not that hard)

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“Best Seller” or “Millions Served”. Sounds like a place or product you want to try, right?!?!  I haven’t shared the product or place but knowing that millions have used it one that it’s a best seller takes lots of the “unknown” out of it.

This is especially needed online. You’ve worked hard to get visitors to your site… Maybe it’s a CPC, newsletter or mailing you sent, it doesn’t matter what channel you used, they’re on your site.  Now what.  Look at your site, does it have 2003 graphics that spin or blink?  Dang… I hope not.  
Does it have social proof?  
I hope so!
How do you convey your “millions served” message on your website?  Remember you’re not there to give creditability…
You see, social proof isn’t new… It has been around a long time.  Studying real world marketing tactics and applying to your online presence is vital (and easy). I want you to brainstorm 10 ways to convey your business’ social proof.  
For example: Are you part of an association or chamber, have you won an award, do you have a certification or distinction, are there real photos you can use, do you have a video of you at your business, how many Facebook likes do you have, are people retweeting, how many visitors have been to your site, who are your clients… 
There are countless ways to show “social proof”.  Now add it to your site!  BTW read this article, it’s awesome for showing more ideas!  Now go… You have a list… Start sharing your social proof!
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