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Keeping Up with the Googles.

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Keeping up with the Googles.

It’s hard enough to create content (regularly) but when you’re trying to boost your rankings it becomes even more difficult.  I think that’s the point.  It is difficult to “game the system” or have a quick fix to boost rankings.  The search engines have a simple goal and that is to provide the best solution when they’re posed with a question.  So, while you might be able to get away with a document that is “keyword stuffed”, i.e., you took a single keyword and tried to get it in the document as many times as possible…   Alright, I’m going to go for it… this is a great analogy I heard… You might get a first look if you stuff your bra, but eventually the fraud will be noticed… same with keywords, if you create a document stuffed with keywords your lack of substance will eventually be noticed.   Provide content that is useful, and dare I use the buzzword, consumable.

Instead of focusing on rankings.  Create content that other people want to read.  Really consider how the content positions you!  Don’t focus on ranking, focus on being positioned as an expert.  Remember… we’re going after a small pond, not an ocean.  When someone visits your site, have it full of content that makes them want to stay.  We want them to stay a long time, that means you’ve got to give them something to think about AND a reason to come back.   Doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist, plumber, or real estate agent. You are an expert in your field, the visitors to your site are seeking knowledge… give it to them!

Make your content consumable and consistent… it’s kind of like attracting a stray dog!  If you feed it… it will come back.  Visitors to your social media outlets will return if they love your content!  Start writing permanent pieces on your website and use your social feeds like Facebook and Twitter to link to the pages!  Drive that traffic to your site.  This is when a blog is very helpful.  You write a piece, that is searchable and links to your webpage and you use your social feeds to link to the blog!

I guess that means you don’t need to worry about search engines… wrong!  You’ve still got to respect the rules.  The main rule maker is Google, your life will be easier if you give them what they want.  1) Have a Google+ page, 2) create unique content…. 3) keep up on their desires… they’re new guideline is L-O-N-G content.  That means you need to pay attention to word count.  The new idea is to write documents 900 to 1200 words.  WOW!  Where as you used to write a one paragraph “thing” and go on with your day, now your content is advised to have meaning and depth, no more shortcuts!  This won’t seem like an overwhelming task if you’re writing about your passion.  You can get lost in your words when you get to share your knowledge and wisdom with an audience that appreciates your guidance… it is rewarding.  Try it!

Does this mean everyday you write an entire essay?  No, divide your content calendar into two types of content; consistent content (the bite size portions) and unique content (the in-depth stuff).  Even with this breakdown and Google’s wants, the most important thing is you’ve got to consider your audience.  If you have an audience that needs quick content, save the longer stuff for your website.

To summarize; meaningful content goes a long way when it’s genuine and interesting.  Provide your audience with what they are seeking and you will be rewarded by search engines and a loyal following!

Time to get writing.

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