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Episode #57 – Get a Winning Mindset for New Business

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What is “practice” and what is “perform” in small business?  I mean, I love this quote, “Practice like you’ve never won. Preform like you’ve never lost.” But, really… how does this relate to your small business?

It’s easy to determine the difference between “practice” and “perform” if you’re an athlete because, performing is game day or competition day.  But what about in business.  What is your game day?  Is that a pitch or a meeting?  Is that the day you ship a product?   Is it the day inventory arrives and you put it on the shelves – or is it the day you launch your marketing plan to get people into your store or to find the prospect for the pitch.  Most of business is the competition day or performance day.  It’s your “winners” you have a great deal of confidence in your core products or services.  You know already know how to perform with them!

So what is practice day?

It might be that new product you’re unveiling or testing out, the new way or process of providing service to your customer.  That means…  you have to go full out – not necessarily in budget but in your mindset.  Fully believe in your new product, service, or process.  Believe it is a winner at every phase because even though it’s “practice” you must give it 100%.  This is no time for excuses or setting yourself up to fail with “Oh it’s a new product… so if it doesn’t work” — yeah, that’s lazy.  You need owe it to yourself to practice like you’ve never won and give it all you’ve got!

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Action Step
1- Determine in your business what is considered “game day” / “competition day” versus practice.
2- “Practice like you’ve never won” which means give it 100% of scrappy grit and sheer determination to win!  (no wavering! – just go)

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