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Episode #384 – The Reason Your Customers Need Information Is…

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“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” – Brian Clark

Look at this brand new car, it’s a shiny shade of bright red. Imagine driving down the road with the wind in your hair as the top is down and your favorite music is on the radio.

I mean… it’s a convertible! Do you need to know anymore?  Heck no… who cares if there are anti-lock brakes or what size the engine or if it’s all wheel drive.  It’s got a radio and the top comes down.  Who are you to question the pitch?  Never question the pitch.

We are just uninformed buyers waiting for the sales person to dazzle us with their knowledge… well, that’s kind of how sales operated, not that long ago.  I actually remember the horror of buying a car in the mid-90’s… the sales person at the car show approached me, “Hello little lady, what color are you looking for?”.  Yes, that is true.

Fortunately, now it’s much different.  A lot of it due to shoppers educating themselves prior to entering your business. This is done with your website.

Your website is the prime area where you have an outstanding opportunity to educate your readers BEFORE they visit you.

Don’t miss this opportunity.  Take the time to think of all of the questions you are asked about your product or service and answer them!  Make pages about topics, create a FAQ list… but share your knowledge.

I did this last year and in one season… summer at our marina… I increased my on site time from an average of 2:20 to 11:20 — that’s absolutely astonishing.  You need to do this to improve your loyalty with your customers.

You see…when your customers are educated and understand the fundamentals of what your offer, it builds trust, they don’t feel like you’re holding back or that you are not trustworthy.

This trust is critical to building relationships and transforming the customers you have into your tribe of infinity customers!  You need them to want to stick around for a long long time!

There has been a big change in marketing as you read in today’s inspiration… but the more information you provide to your customers the better!

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Action Steps
1- Make a FAQ page for one profit center at your business… just brainstorm every questions you’ve been asked, then answer them… OH and post it on your site!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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